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Wither (Chemical Garden)

Wither (Chemical Garden) - Lauren DeStefano Probably more like 4.5 stars.I thought the first person, present tense would turn me off, but DeStefano uses the tense brilliantly. I love Rhine's voice, and I love how strong she is. It's the type of strong that is quiet - but determined.The world of this series is scary, and I can imagine it a little too easily. I can understand all the different attitudes people have, and again, it's all done so very well.Vaughn is a creepy, creepy motherfucker and he fills the pages with his shadows throughout the book. Even this bad guy has a "good" side (though I really hesitate with that, he *does* love his son...). What makes all the characters so amazing is exactly this. The really bad guy has shades of good, and each character feels like a real person.There were some things I didn't love as much, but I was too drawn into this book to complain very much. Now I'm waiting on Fever and Sever because I have a sense of NEED when it comes to finishing the series to see how much DeStefano can break my heart.