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All Things Wicked (Dark Mission Series)

All Things Wicked - Karina Cooper This is a difficult book to review. Don't get me wrong, I love Karina Cooper and her writing.This book, however, is just difficult. Caleb was redeemed as the hero for me, but it did take a while. I understood his character, and why he made the actions he did. Juliet I never cared for. I know she was delicate on purpose, and she does have a very important role to play with the big plot point. But still...couldn't stand her. Naomi's still my girl.Beyond the characters, the plot was really what kept me turning the pages and what earns it four stars instead of three. Where the characters might lag, the pace is fast and nonstop. This is the culmination of the slow, subtle plot hills that formed in the previous books. We finally start getting some answers(and more questions), and the BIG PLOT was, well, big. Definitely interesting and not something I anticipated. I'm very curious to see where this goes in the rest of the series.