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Falling For Finn

Falling For Finn - Jackie Ashenden The tension in Falling For Finn was incredible. Seriously. Especially in the beginning when on the knife's edge of crossing from friends to lovers, and not being sure where that puts such a good relationship.I have to defend Anna a little. Many reviewers called her selfish and unlikable. But as a person who guards her emotions fiercely, AND has mild OCD, I understood Anna's reasonings. Her rules and her strict definition of who Finn was to her. Because when everything is familiar and in your control, YOU are in control. The second one thing changes, you are spiraling out of control. With her attack still fresh in her mind in the first half of the novel, I absolutely understood her refusal to change those rules. The second half of the novel (in regards to her refusal to change) read to me as her finally accepting her love for Finn that had always been there.So yes, on the surface she comes across as INCREDIBLY frustrating and selfish. But when you realize she had to strip away not one set of personal defenses, but two, and accept the utter unknowingness that would result from it? I can sympathize with her - though of course I was irritated with her, too. I think we're supposed to be.I also sympathized with Finn. How can you not? The man is a masochist - he must be. He was beautifully painful to read, as he gave Anna his love and let her stomp all over it time and time again.Falling For Finn is about two very flawed people. No relationship is neat and tidy, and theirs certainly isn't. It's brutal, raw, and a confrontation of emotion. That's what I really liked about it.