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Fever - Lauren DeStefano 4.5 StarsHoly. Amazeballs.I never say "amazeballs". But Fever just made me say it. This book started out slow, and I was so afraid it wouldn't be good. That it would drag even worse than Wither did. Then halfway through, I was running downhill without stopping.I was so torn on how to read this book - race to the ending to see what happens, or go slowly to savor the beautiful language Destefano composes on each page. SO many wonderful things stick out in this book to me. Just as much as the very disturbing things in this book, more disturbing than Wither.With Rhine out in the real, grisly outside world, it's a gruesome as it is horribly beautiful. And Vaughn...the things he's doing. *shudders*I'm pacing by my door, hoping Sever arrives today. Because I need it. NOW.