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Sever - Lauren DeStefano I'm not even sure how to review Sever. It was completely different than the book I expected, though I should have expected that. I wished that there had been more of Gabriel, and even more of Rowen. I never liked Linden, despite everything that happened. Destefano's language is, as always, beautiful and poetic. I love these books for their tragic beauty alone, and the tone and diction sells that. That's why, even with the hope that permeates the ending, it still somehow feels cruel. And I love that, so very much.I was looking forward to the infamous Chapter 24, but it didn't really affect me like I'd heard so much about. *shrug* Rhine didn't do half the things I was shouting at her to do, and she was more passive, again, than I would have liked her to be. But I can't fault her character that.Even though I never agreed with everything in these books, or liked everything, I'm sold on Destefano's writing forever.