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Incarnate  - Jodi Meadows 4.5 StarsI thoroughly enjoyed Incarnate. I loved the world Jodi Meadows created, and I love the characters.Ah, Sam. I love him. I love his strengths, his wisdom, and all his vulnerabilities. Though he's over five thousand years old, you really get the sense that what he's discovering with Ana is something perplexingly new and fresh. I want so much more of him!Ana is frustratingly sympathetic. The poor girl had a horrible upbringing, doubts herself because of it, and is so defensive. She thinks everyone is out to hurt and manipulate her, that she doesn't matter. My heart hurts for her at some points. In others, I want to shake her hard and slap her face for being so annoying. No matter how frustrated I was with Ana's actions or thoughts, I could never fault Meadows or even Ana for it. Hence, frustratingly sympathetic. I loved her even when I hated her.The concepts and larger real-world theory implications brought up in this book are absolutely wonderful. Can't wait to continue the story!