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Mechanique: A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti - Kiri Moth, Genevieve Valentine To call MECHANIQUE a book or a novel seems like it diminishes this piece. It's beauty like I've never seen it done before. More prose poetry than a "novel", I found myself lingering while reading this so as it make it last for as long as I could.I bought this because of my love of steampunk, and it definitely delivers a fresh perspective on the steampunk aesthetic. I'm hardly a fan of multiple POVs or a barely-there plot line, but MECHANIQUE truly shows how to do all the things that some consider "wrong". Each chapter (really, they're all vignettes) is in a different POV/tense. Valentine uses all three tenses (mostly first and third, but also second at times) and the POVs of almost all the circus members. This allowed for me, as a reader, to become attached to ALL the characters, and understand all of their motivations without much work on Valentine's part.I can't say enough good things about MECHANIQUE. Please, read this beautiful piece of art.