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Unwind - Neal Shusterman Wow.Having just finished, I don't think I have adequate words to express all the things this book makes you feel and experience.This book is horrifying, plain and simple. But it's also filled with hope and wonder. It portrays such vile and disgusting acts that the adults have no problem committing, yet it's a book filled with beauty and love. I don't know. It's amazing.My favorite scene is Roland's last scene. It's just...terrifying, horrifying, inhumane all seem too tame to describe it. It's the scene that affected me the most and even though I knew how bad everything was before, that's when it really sinks in. It was done so extremely well.Bottom line is, I think everyone should read this book whether it's your "thing" or not. Because it really should make you think about things, about people, how you treat them, and how you act. Do you step forward and do what you know is right? Or do you look the way and let someone else deal with uncomfortable things because it's not your problem?