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The Siren - Tiffany Reisz UPDATE: July 19, 2012I finished THE SIREN for the second time last week. This book still blows me away. Whereas I read THE SIREN in one day the first time through, I took my time with the second reading, and I'm so glad that I did. I let the words really sink in, let the emotions become even deeper, even more real to me.Let me say, the book *definitely* changed in the rereading. This is a book I could read a hundred times over and still have my heart clench and cry over. (And I do NOT cry for much of anything...) When I said this is "one of the best books I've read in a long time", I can now revise it to say that THE SIREN is my favorite book I've ever read. No other novel has moved me like THE SIREN.I won't mention specific events that occur in the novel, because I hate spoilers, and I hate ruining even little things in the book. But I can say that scenes in the book will probably shock you, scare you, but you should never let go. The reviewers who say there is no emotion in the book make me laugh. Hard. The reviewers who are upset that this "erotica" book didn't make them horny make me snort.This is not a simple novel. Don't read this book if you want a short, sweet, simple story of a couple meeting and having their Happily-Ever-After. Don't read this book if you're looking for a quick read to get off to.Commit to THE SIREN. Don't read it...experience it.--------------------Words are not sufficient enough to explain this book. Just please, do yourself a favor: buy this book, clear your schedule completely, and just read.This is, without a doubt, one of the best books I've read in a long time. Everything is so real, the characters and the emotions. Prepare to laugh, and then get your heart ripped out.THE SIREN is an absolute must read.