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The Iron Duke -  Meljean Brook Ugh. This book. My rating is more like one and a half stars.I am a lover of steampunk, fantasy, paranormal, and suspense novels, everything this book TRIES to be. It doesn't succeed at any one of them. The only thing I probably liked was the darker tone it brought to the steampunk genre, and the fact that there was not only class but racial issues. But it seemed like everything was thrown into the book and jumbled together - whatever happened happened, but nothing was ever flushed out completely or drawn out to where it needed to be. The prose irritated me to no end. Phrases like "her own terror had terrified her even more" (page 222) speak of horrible redundancy that the author tries to pass off as good writing. Word choices like "he buoyed her small breasts" were as unflattering as a bucket of cold water. Combine that with a first chapter that makes little to no sense, and I wonder why so many people love this book so much.I hope that people realize there are so many other examples of steampunk romance out there that do a much better job at all of the things this book tried to tackle.