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The Stepsister Scheme (PRINCESS NOVELS) - Jim C. Hines Such a fun book! It's been a while since I've read fantasy, so it was nice to dip my toes back in.The characters are lovely twists on Grimm-style fairy tales - for example, Danielle (Cinderella)'s step-sisters had parts of their feet cut off to try and fit into the glass slipper as it is in the fairy tale.Danielle, Talia, and Snow are wonderful characters, but Hines does a great job at really fleshing out the different "villains", too. Even though Danielle's husband, Prince Armand, was the "quest item" the whole story revolves around, I really didn't care about him one way or the other. Typical, bland damsel in distress. Anyway, I really like what Hines has done here, and will be reading the sequel soon!