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One for the Wicked - Karina Cooper I suppose I should start my review with, "Shawn Lowe is an asshole". But fuck, do I love assholes. (My favorite character in this series is, and always will be, Naomi.)To be more specific, though, Shawn is the kind of guy who wants to be an asshole, but he can never quite be one. He tries to be a badass (and mostly succeeds), but he's also a bit of a vulnerable man. Kayleigh was the right woman for him, and vice versa. I warmed up to Kayleigh sooner than I expected to, and really empathized with her. She got hit hard with massive things, over and over, within days. I really appreciated that though her upbringing was topside and she "should" be, by all accounts, a prim and proper, weakened woman -- she wasn't. She was strong throughout the book, and it felt right. Mentally strong and intelligent, she held her own.Plot wise, this book was a race. I always applaud an author who, despite the reader's knowledge that there will be some sort of HEA at the conclusion of the book, manages to make me worry and fear for everyone's futures. It wasn't forced, and the chaos was brilliantly written.I especially loved how May is actually May, Nigel's daughter, from the prequel novella, [b:Before the Witches|11117855|Before the Witches (Dark Mission 0.5)|Karina Cooper|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1302968758s/11117855.jpg|16040469]. I clapped and squealed in delight. That hadn't dawned on me before, but I was so damn happy to see the stories go full circle like that!All in all, thank you, yet again, Karina. Fabulous series. This final novel wrapped everything up nicely, but still gave me a sense that time went on. It wasn't butterflies and rainbows. The fight goes on, but this saga is complete. Fucking perfect ending to this series.