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Wicked Nights - Gena Showalter More like 3.5 stars.When Zacharel showed up in the LOTU books, I fell head over heels for him. I was beyond excited to learn about him, his past, and see his world get turned upsidedown. When I was introduced to Annabelle, I really loved her character. Showalter brings in another fierce warrior heroine, and I loved it. But there was something...off about this book. I don't know if maybe Showalter was more rushed when writing this book or what, but there's something I can't quite name that has me "ehh..." about the book.I think I may have set my sights too high, anticipated it too much and was a little disappointed with what was written. It's a good story, but not Showalter's best. Of course, I am still excited for the rest of the series.