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The Darkest Craving

The Darkest Craving - Gena Showalter I don't even know where to begin with this book...it was so very painful to read, and to finish. I almost DNF'd it several times. I kept hoping it would get better. (Hint: It didn't.) I used to really love and enjoy this series. But it's gone downhill, and fast. My first hate was Kane himself. In previous books, I felt for him. Not pity, but compassion, because if I were to house any of the LOTU demons, I most certainly have Disaster in me. So I was looking forward to learning more about him. But I never liked him. I could never sympathize with Kane, and I felt...nothing for him. Which made me extremely sad.Then Josephina. Or as Kane calls her, Tinker Bell, Tink, and oh yeah, Tinky Dink. *vomits* Oh boy. I could not stand her. Could not. She started out sooo promising. She had a sharp tongue, motivation, and questionable strength. But it was there. Then she dropped away. Tink's only value as a person is Kane. She only accomplishes things because Kane gives her permission/strength/etc. Gena TELLS us that she's a strong heroine, but no where is there proof. Any time Tink does anything strong or good, Kane is there. She's the strong woman who picked up a branch while her big, strong MAN is there getting rid of the rest of the heavy tree. It was disgusting. Tink being naive and a virgin and all that yadda yadda isn't even the problem. It's that Gena has reduced the woman - oh, wait, no female's role to solely be pleasure for her man. She can do other things on the side, but each woman is defined by the male who owns her. While noticeable in past books, it really stood out in this one. Kane's motivations the entire time looked something like, "CAVEMAN KANE NEED HIS WOMAN. KILL, GET MY WOMAN. MINE. MINE. MINE." (Trust me, it's even more annoying in the book)And the "villains"...they were about as frightening as the monster in Robot Monster. In case you're unfamiliar, that would be this scary guy:They were unbelievable, and weak. It was obvious Kane could overpower them easily, and with the addition of William and his kids, it was laughable. The stakes needed to be a hell of a lot higher. As it was, I was very :| meh about everything.I can ramble on, but those are the bottom lines. I really wanted to love this book. I was so excited. I can even deal with lackluster sex scenes, even though they did bother me a little. The big issues were the blatant sexism and patriarchal demeaning all throughout this book, and these characters. I can't read something like that and enjoy it.