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The Snow Queen's Shadow (Princess Novels Series #4)

The Snow Queen's Shadow - Jim C. Hines This was, by far, the best book of the series.The books seem to suggest that Danielle is our main character. At least, she is in book 1. But for me, ever since her introduction, Talia was the lead for me. Talia's actions, motivations, and story guided each book. Okay, so did Snow's and Danielle's, but Talia is everything in this series for me. So it's no surprise, then, that when Talia goes through some tough times near the end of the novel, I was actually tearing up for her.People seem to not like that this book is darker than the others in the series. I think it was done fantastically, and was the perfect arc for the series to take. A wonderful ending. I'm sad to see these characters go.