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Stripped (city2city, # 1)

Stripped (city2city, # 1) - Edie Harris And Edie Harris wins me over again! Though this is quite different than the first book I read by her, [b:The Corrupt Comte|17913508|The Corrupt Comte (The Bourbon Boys Quartet, #1)|Edie Harris|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1368463281s/17913508.jpg|25104381], it was still a pleasure to read.Edie tweeted that while her hero in STRIPPED, Declan, didn't have angst, her heroine, Fiona, did. And oh yes, she had angst enough for the both of them. But it was a good angst that provided depth for the story. I really enjoyed this.The two of them together was an absolute pleasure to read, and their relationship as it grew was beautiful. The title was so apt; the characters, especially Fiona, were stripped down to their core as they gave each other their hearts and love. I had read it all in one sitting.Side note: I really, really want to read the real steampunk story of Vendetta. It sounds right up my alley.