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The Angel (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz After just reading The Angel for the second time, I still don't have accurate words to describe just how wonderful this experience is.I'm going to stop calling Tiffany's books books, and start calling them experiences. Because that's what they are.The Siren was a book that literally changed my life, my world, my vision. I didn't think Angel could do any better - but oh my Griffin, it did. I still think Siren is my favorite, but only in that way where the first piece of music you hear is better than all subsequent covers simply because you heard that one first. The Angel is lighter than Siren (and also darker, in other ways...it's complicated!) and there were several times, in both of my readings, that I felt like I was drowning in love. This book has SO. MUCH. LOVE. Good and bad, cute and sweet, dark and painful. There are a lot of amazing lines in Angel - Tiffany is a mistress of words- but easily the best quote of the book comes from Nora when she says, "Love is the open wound that you hope never heals." My first review of Siren (on Amazon) stated that Tiffany Reisz owns me, and will never let go. Her grip will never loosen - she just keeps getting better. I cannot wait for The Prince, for so many reasons. But mostly...hot young Kingsley and Søren action. swoon